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Congratulations to...

Captain Kevin Kissane and Firefighter Thomas McInerney on your recent retirement.

Best wishes for a long and healthy one!

Back by popular demand...

March 16, 2014  Working Fire - 597 Hillside Avenue

Retired Hartford Cop writes a book about his twenty years on the job.

This book details the author's distinguished service as a Hartford Police Officer from 1970 - 1990.  During that time, he worked in the city's North End and writes about many incidents he was involved in.  If you know this man, you probably also know that he was a major fire buff.  He writes in detail about many fires and his interactions with the Hartford Firefighters over the years.

The author, at the insistence of his publisher, writes using a pen name.  (I thought that if he used his real last name he might have an issue with Gene Hackman, but this is not the French Connection. Hint, hint). 

But seriously folks, he tells me that there is no "sugar coating" here.  Many of the stories are very graphic, as you can imagine.  Some controversial. 

Many of us know this guy because he also worked with us for many years, retiring as a HFD Lieutenant.

Ok, for those of you who haven't figured it out yet, stop by and "like" his Facebook Page.

I got a sneak peek at the book and enjoyed what I saw.  The photo's bring back many memories.

You can purchase "Hartford Blue" at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and probably anywhere else that books are sold.

 In an e-mail that he sent recently, he said, "I'm hoping to get feedback from the people that really matter to me, my HPD and HFD brothers and sisters."

Well Jimmy, (Dammit! did I give it away?) I wish you the best of luck with the book and I'm looking forward to the day that you autograph my copy!

March 28, 2014

Working Fire - 45 Franklin Avenue

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